Rich in color, it will not fade when put in water. The wood has no paint smell, and the edges are smooth and tidy, and will not scratch the baby’s small hands. There are a large number of wooden blocks and various ways of playing.

wooden puzzle toys

Very good, open without taste, bright colors, rich patterns, able to exercise children’s hands-on ability and thinking ability. With a storage box, the board is not easy to lose.

Wooden Puzzle Toys

The quality is very good, pure wood, no smell, only natural wood fragrance. The carriage is digital, allowing the baby to learn to recognize numbers and develop intelligence.

wooden train toys

The toy digital train was received and the son was very happy. Exquisite workmanship, I still like very satisfied, the wheels are very smooth, have been dragged all over the house, pure wood.

wooden train toys

Good wood, good workmanship, no taste. The car is beautiful, feels good and smooth. Exquisite workmanship, no burrs and corners, children play safely.

Wooden car toys

The quality of the car is very good and the feel is very good. The workmanship is exquisite, the wood is very environmentally friendly and healthy, and has a faint smell of logs. The wheels are very smooth and very good.

Wooden car toys

The work is very fine, and each grid is the same size. There is no odor in the whole, and the washed wood blocks do not fade. The library is rich in questions and is ideal for exercising your child’s intelligence.

wooden educational toys

The overall work is fine, the blocks are polished smooth, no burrs, no damage to the hands. There is no obvious smell when opening the package. It is very helpful to develop your baby’s intelligence.

Wooden Educational Toys

The building blocks have been received, there is no other taste, only a touch of wood, feels very textured, very like, the baby likes to bite things, the blocks are made of wood, playing with more confidence.

wooden block toys

Superb, top quality, with a scent of wood itself. Feel good, workmanship, no burrs, very smooth. The building blocks are large enough that the children won’t swallow it.

wooden block toys